Maybe there's something here that you will find interesting...


Hi... thanks for reading this. Hopefully you will gain an insight into my thoughts; if there are any!

I've been in the IT industry since 1980'ish, yes, a long long time. I've had a passion for all things related to IT and in the last 15 years or so; the web. I still am fascinated by it all and love using technology on a daily basis.

More so that this I love seeing what others are doing with tech to solve problems and how they adapt the technology to help them.

My other passions are Photography (film(!) and Ultra Large format – these are cameras that are about 24 inches square), Letterpress printing and a few other obscure areas.

I will be posting random stuff. I guess for myself really as I can't believe anyone else would be interested – but it gives me a change do dump stuff from time to time.

You can find me on the web of course – just search for me (Jonathan Camp) or Micro Update (my business). If there's more than one, I'd be the attractive, intelligent one.

Cheers, thanks for stopping by...