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Framework7 – the lightweight, full featured iOS, Android, Desktop app framework

Uses only using HTML, CSS and Javascript

Framework7 is a mature development framework that includes components to create mobile applications. If you like; mobile first web development.

The framework7 framework is FREE and Open Source, but none the less allows you to develop mobile, desktop or web apps with a look and feel of the native apps on the various app stores.

If you know HTML, CSS and a bit of javascript you can be up and running in no time, creating mobile first apps. The beauty of this framework is your app looks the same on the desktop, or mobile device and is always up to date.

Take a look at the mobile emulator on the home page or view it directly on your desktop – it will give you a good idea of the native components available, plus a good overview.

What can you use Framework7 for

Pop over to their Github and download the core framework7 framework and give it a go :)

You can do a manual install as simply as:

$ npm install framework7

Looking for more?

What about components for building Tailwind with Konsta UI, Mobile touch sliders with slider.js and much more.

There are plenty of framework7 video and online tutorials on the site plus a very active framework7 community

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