Listen to the trees

A scene from the first Narnia movie has been tumbling around my head all day – where the children are approaching Aslan's camp, and the fallen leaves of nearby trees swirl in the wind to form a figure – waving to Lucy as she passes.

While it's lovely to believe that magic exists – that the universe has a hand in the experiences we share, I wonder if we attach more meaning to the world around us than is really there. We seem to project that which we wish to see, and we're good at it.

While listening to the trees, I sometimes wonder what they have seen during their life – and then remind myself that they have no eyes or ears. They do sense light though, so I suppose they record the seasons they have lived through within their rings.


That was all for today. I was up to my ears in programming throughout most of the day, and I can't imagine anybody want's to read about that.