Stealing Minutes from the Sandman

You find me sitting in the dark at 1am again. I'm not entirely sure how this keeps happening. One minute I'm washing up the things from dinner – the next everybody else has gone to bed, and I'm here tinkering with a few different projects and losing track of time.

I worked straight through lunch again today. I'm getting worse at it. While concentrating on something I seem to have an infinite capacity to just 'keep going'. It can't be good for me. By the time I realised it was mid-afternoon. I ended up making a sandwich out of leftovers. It was a good sandwich.

Anyway. I guess this is just 'a few words', rather than none at all. I seem to be making a habit of that at the moment – writing in the cracks of everything else going on – or stealing minutes from the sandman to empty my head into the internet.