The God of Slow Things

I spoke to a friend on the internet this morning – the first contact with anybody outside my family for a couple of weeks, and we both found ourselves wondering where each day goes. How is it suddenly Friday already? I suppose in a way I'm glad it's not just me that's feeling it. But still... an the universe not just slow down a BIT?

I've been head down at work all week – which makes every day very similar to the last. I get up, have a shower, make a coffee, eat a piece of toast, fire up the computer, sit in front of it, invariably eat lunch at my desk, then express surprise when it's already dark outside.

I really need to start forcing myself to take proper lunch breaks. Go for a walk. Get out of these four walls.

I'm hoping against hope that this weekend will be quiet – that I get a chance to step away from the computer, read a book, watch a movie, maybe wander to a nearby cafe for a bit. There's also the paper notebook I bought the other week – which still hasn't so much as been opened yet.


Enough waffling on about nothing in particular. It's nearly food o'clock.

I've been watching the “Lord of the Rings” TV series over the last couple of weeks. It says something that I'm still only about four episodes in after several weeks. I was supposed to take part in a group event last night on the internet, but didn't finish clearing up the dinner things until half an hour after it started.

I wonder if the Romans had a god of slow things?