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Breath Work

I've just started reading Breath by James Nestor. Its premise is if we don’t breath properly e.g mouth breathing over nose breathing, it can negatively impact both our physical and mental health and in turn goes on to discuss breathing techniques and breath work exercises for the greater good. That’s interesting in and of itself as it forces you to become mindful of the breath which is the starting point of many a mindfulness practice which I advocate highly.

Being a mindfulness meditator for many years, breath work i.e the way we breath is something hard to avoid when trawling the internet and is becoming more prominent in particular circles (Wim Hof) but not something I’ve spent much time practising.

This morning I started with Day 1 of Healing Through Breath. I found this by initially searching YouTube for Sudarshan Kriya, this was something James referenced in his book introduction. I found Dinesh Ghodke’s teaching easy to follow and after I felt calm, grounded with a positive outlook and a sense of wellbeing and interestingly I found my hands and upper body getting hot after Technique #1 Kapalbhati Pranayama.

Let the breath work journey begin…