An aspiring computer scientist's musings on technology and society.

Existential Questions that Keep Me Awake at Night

What if we're wrong? On second thought, we're all doomed to be wrong. But what if almost everything that we believe in is wrong? How do we live with that proposition?

Where does biology end, and psychology begin? Where does psychology end, and sociology begin?

Just how little do I know? Am I even capable of grasping just how little I know?

What is the source of our identities? Is the “self” real? If not, of which value are our identities to us?

Who will write this era's history? Who will be remembered as right?

Who are the people of this era who are so below human, that even their existence escapes most everyone's mind?

Will the current sociopolitical system ever face a major upheaval, as many other systems of the past have? Will it be induced by a technological advance of any kind?

What is the next form of the human race going to be like?

How would aliens with no anthropocentric biases judge us? How will aliens look like? Behave like? How will their biological makeup and their environment shape their fundamental ideologies? Is such a concept as “ideology” too anthropocentric?

When will certain internet subcultures go mainstream, and how will it affect mass media? Will mass media still be a thing in the future?

How will programming look like in the far future? Will AI programming take over? Will the web finally conquer the desktop? Some VR black magic?

What drives our human need to speak? What motivates me to engage in an activity as in vain as writing into the void of the side rails of the internet?