Having Fun with A New Medium

Last night I bought a set of Sakura Cray-pas on a whim. They arrived today and as soon as I got home I opened the package and tried them out on my tiniest sketchbook. It was frustrating. The sticks were too big for the pages of the pocket sketchbook.

So after dinner I went upstairs and took out a much bigger sketchbook, one that has rough pages suitable for watercolor sketches. As always, I used a photo of myself as a reference to practice with a new medium.

The first and last time I used cray-pas before today was when I was about nine or ten. I don’t even remember how I got hold of a set then, but I do recall drawing one thing and feeling disappointed with the outcome that I never touched the medium again.

Recently, I’ve been wanting to make stuff again but find painting too troublesome to set up and clean up. For now, at least. Of course, I quickly discovered oil pastels can be messy to work with too, so maybe I’m just making an excuse to buy new art materials?!

For a first attempt, this wasn’t too bad and towards the end, I caught myself smiling, pleased with what I have created. That has not happened in a while.

Anyway, I will keep posting about my experiments with oil pastels here and the resulting drawings.

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