It's Been A Month

Since I last used Facebook. Can’t say the same for Instagram, since I’ve been using it to look at BTS’s posts and to follow oil pastel artists. I still don’t have the app, however—I only use it on my browser and limit my activity to the aforementioned.

I meant to write this post to reflect on how different my days have been since leaving Facebook. My account will be permanently deleted in about a week, and I’m no longer dreading it.

So, how do I feel?

I’m okay. I feel better, to some extent. I haven’t had a breakdown since the last one that led to my exit and my dislike for people has abated. I don’t know much about what’s going on in the world though, which sometimes leaves me feeling guilty, thinking I’m being a privileged asshole who chooses to ignore anything that causes me anguish. But if I don’t sift out the information I take in and read only about matters I care about, my mental health will keep suffering.

What have I been doing with the time I don’t spend on either Facebook or Instagram or even Twitter? For one, I have been writing on this blog quite frequently. I’ve also been talking to friends and family more regularly than before. When I want to share a photo I took, I send it to people whom I think would care to see it.

I knew leaving was the right choice. I was right.