Last Work Day of 2021

I’m free! For the rest of the year, at least.

We wrapped up this year’s Winter Camp at the lab this afternoon and I honestly think it was one of the best camps of the year. I taught at all the camps this year, except Fall/Halloween since not many kids joined, so my boss didn’t need a second teacher. However, I taught in all six weeks of Summer Camp, and boy was that tough.

I really admire my boss and her enthusiasm for work. Granted, it is her business, but she always looks like she genuinely enjoys teaching kids and cares about them. But what I find most impressive is how accurately she can read children’s behavior and assess their needs. She told me she’s been doing this for over a decade and that knowledge grows with experience, but I can’t help feeling like I come short.

These days though, I do feel more confident in my interactions with students. There are still some who get on my nerves, like this one kid at lunch today who wouldn’t stop playing with another student instead of eating despite being repeated reminders.

I’ve been feeling unwell since yesterday. I came home extremely exhausted, ate dinner, took meds, showered, and by 7PM, crawled into bed, freezing despite the heater being set to 21ºC. I was worried I caught covid, but my temperature was normal throughout the day. I’m guessing it’s bronchitis. I took some over-the-counter medicine for colds and fortunately it’s working.

I gotta go meet my husband for dinner now. Merry Christmas, everyone!