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Baby Birth Announcements on Serverless

A good friend educated me on how he set up a web application to inform the parents minute-by-minute re: the arrival of his baby. 👶

I thought that was a brilliant idea!
This way, new parents can push updates, and avoid the thundering of “has the baby arrived yet?” questions. 💡

So, I set about trying to build one, with the following criteria:

“Why don't you just post it on Twitter/X?”

I also wanted to avoid social media for such announcements, if possible.

How did it go?

I ended up with a user experience where:

  1. Folks visit the site hosted on https://write.as with password protection.
  2. I can post updates via email + image attachments.

In terms of the “tech stack”, this is pretty low-code.
I've set it up via:

pipedream workflow

You can use Deepl to translate for free (within limits).
I also am using a free account on Pipedream, so I'm really thankful for such services.

I spent 2 weekends experimenting before tying this up.
However, I really enjoyed building this simple workflow.

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