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This is the 2nd and final part to my adventures making a topponcino.
You can read the 1st part here

I will also try to stitch a few puns around this topic, because why not? 🤡

Equipment Needed

This was the minimal list of items I got to complete the topponcino.
Hopefully, this gets you covered:

Item Remarks
Sewing machine We bought a portable one
Cotton 100% cotton would be ideal, I feel
Fabric Purchased at Yuzawaya
Bobbins For bottom thread on the sewing machine
Thread You can also find some at 100-yen shops like CanDo
Long Ruler Really recommended
Fabric Pen For marking seam lines on the fabric
Seam Ripper Your life-saver for undoing your wrongs

T(h)reading a fine line

My Japanese is still terrible, so I had a hard time watching the set-up videos from the sewing machine manufacturer.
My wife helped a lot, but I was still fumbling.

Thankfully, it wasn't a radically-different machine, so I was also able to refer to English content such as Glory Allen's.
Highly recommended, unless you prefer annoying your partner like I did.

As a Singaporean, I did learn some stitching during Home Economics classes in the early 2000s. 🪡
However, I don't think we ever learned how to operate a sewing machine.
My wife, who had her education in Japan, was practically showing off her life skills. 🇯🇵 1 – 0 🇸🇬.

Navigating the sharp curves for the seam was challenging.
Fortunately, the sewing machine came with a foot pedal switch;
I was able to control the speed via pressure on the pedal!
This seamed too good to be true. 🧶

Alas, like a beginner, I overestimated my rhythm when I got the hang of it. Having a seam ripper definitely helps, as you can undo your embarrassment.

when things don't line up

Here is the sewn base, after a week of procrastination.

topponcino base sewn

If one looks closely, there are irregular seam lines.
However, I opted against perfecting them, since I reasoned it looks more “handmade” that way.

You reap what you sew.
Well, the baby is using it, anyways 👶

Tying it up

We finally completed our first topponcino for the baby!

topponcino final

I think it turned out pretty well.

I'm hoping we will work on more sewing projects overtime.
I hope this inspires anyone to also try sewing as a new hobby.

You don't know how much fun you're ミシン (missing) out!

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