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empathy in these times

I am here in Taipei for 2 weeks

I survived a 17% reduction (layoff) at CircleCI last week. As soon as the CEO letter was published, many recruiters reached out.

I can understand that.
However, one email irked me bad, that I had to respond in curt.

Without naming the company and the actual person, here is the snippet in raw form:

We learned about the CircleCI lay-offs on Linkedin via your post and [redacted]'s post.
It looks like you are not affected, which is great news, but with such incident striking instability for a previously believed to be COVID-proof and recession-proof business, would it have spiked some of your interests to hear out available jobs in the market?

So feel free to refer us [redacted], any other colleague you may know in CircleCI affected by the lay-offs, or anyone in Japan open for a job change in Software Engineering.

In these times, we see many tech companies reducing their workforce. These are sudden events for people affected; No one wants to be in such positions.
As a recruiter, please please please give your words some more thought before pressing “send”.

If your team is looking for amazing engineers and people in Japan and beyond, please check out this link of our CircleCI alumni:

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