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Protecting my time on OSS projects

I am not a prolific contributor on open-source work in any sense.
It has also been a while since I received any issues or pull-requests on my work.

I recently noticed an issue filed by a user on the (unofficial) CircleCI Terraform provider.

The issue raised was something I was aware of but chose not to fix.
I was not sure if the impacted feature would be well-used for the bug to be noticed.

That someone reported it helped signal to me this project and feature is depended upon by users. (Thank you @ nagendrasanthosh)

I took a Saturday morning to release the fix, and it was a fun occasion.

I'd like to keep at this policy.

I am not going to jump into fixing any projects if I think it may take more than 1 weekend to resolve.
It may sound selfish, but while the project is Free, my time is not;
Family will come first. 👪

What is your policy or strategy on protecting your time on OSS work?

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