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Serverless is dead!

knock them dead

Is it really though?

I apologize for the misleading title.
I've done that intentionally, much like how DHH and Fireship may have titled their responses to the Amazon Prime Video team's recent engineering blog post (Mar 2023).

If you skimmed through these pieces, you may conclude hastily that going Serverless is going to hurt your team and product.


Having worked with serverless technologies at a past career, I have seen its pros and cons. This is much like any other approach, whether monoliths or micro-services.

Let's take a walk.

Would AWS really tell us that “We are totally wrong about Serverless all along” if they still have much at stake to sell you serverless technologies?

In addition, the Amazon Prime Video team had to re-architecture just one of their services (the monitoring service, specifically).

Overtime, business and technical challenges can evolve.
Logically, as software engineers, we should also reevaluate our solutions overtime (e.g., architecture) to verify if they still meet the requirements well.
I think it is important not to be married to one idea or paradigm as an engineer.

Also, Amazon Prime Video is a huge product, in terms of their user traffic.
The scaling challenge with their monitoring service will match that.

Unless your product is similar in scale, I'd suggest calming down before hurrying to re-architecture anything.
Watch something on Amazon Prime, perhaps :)

If anything, I do hope this experience from the Amazon Prime Video's engineering team helped provide some useful feedback to AWS internally.

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