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Terraforming all the things

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is not a new concept for many.
Prior to joining CircleCI, I have been wrangling with AWS CloudFormation long enough (2 years) to bear some of its pain-points.

Since joining CircleCI, I have been exposed to Terraform through internal and external projects. So far, I really like that Terraform is not tied to specific cloud providers.

I also like that any service can contribute a Terraform provider, thereby allowing users to define your service's resources as code.
(Any cloud resource that exposes an CRUD / RESTful API is a good candidates for Terraform.)

Recently, I have been wishing many things to be “Terraform-able”.

As a support engineer, I use Zendesk daily. We create Zendesk macros for canned responses in particular.
Overtime, these macros grow, and it may be hard to manage or validate changes to our macros.
I do wish Zendesk has a Terraform provider, so we can institute our macros in code.

Recently, I also wished that I could Terraform my resume.
Then, I snapped out of it.

When you have a powerful hammer like Terraform, everything looks like nails.

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