Growth and Prosperity in the Digital Asset Space


They affect our lives whether we realize it or not. In fact, habits play a major role in how various areas of our lives turn out... good or bad.

If you eat a decent diet and exercise in the gym a few days per week, you will remain at a good level of health and fitness.

If you regularly save money, cut down on expenses, and invest into appreciating assets, your wealth portfolio will be on the up and up.

If you consistently care for, encourage, and love on others, your relationships will flourish, adding more joy to your life.

But, what if we don't like the habits we currently entertain on a daily basis? What if we decided it was time for a change?

Well, you can read all the books you want, or gather up as much motivation as you want, but that will only get you through the short-term.

The long-term, more effective way that I've found works well to change a habit, is to hone in and focus on your IDENTITY.

Who are you, and who do you want to be?

Are you currently out of shape and want to change that part of you? Do you want to have a healthy body, as well as look and feel more confident each day?

If so, you must begin by seeing yourself as that person. See yourself as a person who ALREADY feels great, who looks great, and eats nutritious foods to fuel your body.

Are you going broke and want to grow your wealth instead? View yourself each day as someone who already IS wealthy and who makes decisions that only take you closer to that level of wealth.

Are your relationships going sour or are non-existent at the moment? That can change by putting yourself out there, showing love and compassion towards others without expecting anything in return.

Habits begin with a decision. If you've been in the same rut you've found yourself in for a decade, it means you made a decision long ago and then never changed your thought patterns. All that needs done to change a habit is to make a new decision and then match it up with your identity.

Are you a sloppy, broke, self-centered person? Or, are you healthy, fit, wealthy, and generous person looking to breathe life into others? The choice is yours... but the clock is ticking.

Ken Melendez