Growth and Prosperity in the Digital Asset Space

Live and Learn – A Crypto Story

It happened...

But it could have happened in a more beneficial manner.

The back story

This past winter I began work within the supply chain industry. Sourcing, procurement, logistics, warehousing, delivery, and receiving of products are all important elements within the supply chain ecosystem.

The particular section of the supply chain I work in is warehousing as the company's lead receiver. I check product in that ships on small and large trucks, making sure we receive the correct amount of items into our inventory management system.

Ever since the summer of 2019, the focus has been on one thing... accumulating the #3 digital asset by market cap, XRP. I am still working to build that portfolio by the way. A couple months back, I decided it was a good idea to spread my wings and diversify.

Where did I diversify? If you haven't guessed already, it is the leading supply chain crypto that exists today, VeChain, or VET. I was a bit hesitant because I wanted to hit my XRP goal before investing into another project.

Nevertheless, I jumped in.


The present (sad) story

You see, I had heard about VET for months prior to making my investment, but I never took the time to do my due diligence and research the validity of the project.

Dismissing it, I missed out on a $0.003 VET when I had the chance. Instead, I bought it at over a penny.

Now, I know that might sound silly that I'm kicking myself for waiting and the price only jumping up 1 cent. The point is... I could have gotten a whole lot more for the exact same dollar amount that I invested.

The good news is, even though I look back and see the error of my ways, I am using that as a learning experience to do better moving forward.

Each day that I work at the warehouse, I become more and more aware of just how large the supply chain industry is and how much it is growing on a daily basis. Our warehouse is receiving in a ridiculous amount of freight, even during the pandemic.

The after (optimistic) story

Crypto has intrinsic value. Not only are you a token holder, but you own a piece of the blockchain network itself which is where the real world utility lies.

XRP – global payment system for cross-border payments and everything else payment related.

VET – global enterprise solutions for supply chain and more.

It’s more than just owning a token. You own a piece of the network, which, when taking into account all the strategic partnerships and on-chain application development, makes for one heck of an investment opportunity both for XRP and for VET.

Each project has merit in it's own right. Plus, each asset is way undervalued compared to how much I believe they will be in the future. (see locked content below for more on that topic)

Moral of the stories

Keep on keeping on.

Stuff happens. Live and learn. ✦

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