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Mom, I Cherish Our Time Together


I may get a bit teary-eyed composing this article. You see, my mom is a special person to me and will always hold a piece of my heart. She is still alive today and it is a blessing to know that she still cares for me and wants me to live a long, healthy, joy-filled life.

Below is just a small snapshot of the memories we shared together while growing up at home. My mom took such good care of my brothers and I. I thank her to this day for the care and the love she put in time and time again, even when I may not have realized it in the moment.

Let the memories begin!

The Swing

During summer time in the late 80's and early 90's, my mom would take me out to the swing set our dad crafted with his bare hands in the back yard. She would swing me back and forth with me facing her and my legs over her hips. I remember the swaying feeling, as well as the sound of the creaking wood connected to the swing hinges. It was such a peaceful moment, often ending in me falling asleep as the breeze flowed over my legs and through my hair.


The Books

Book reading on the couch was quite enjoyable because my mom would make each story come alive, even the ones we've read dozens of times in the past. I especially liked the 3D pop-up books because it added an extra element to the experience. My mom would speak in a voice that wasn't monotone, but colorful, utilizing pitch and volume changes to make book time even more fun.

A handful of the books that she used to read to me are the same ones my wife and I now read to our own kids. Now they get to enjoy the same stories, read to them in a similar fashion to how my mom used to read them. I find myself reading with that same enthusiasm that she had. It will never leave me.


The Birthday Parties

My mom would make our birthday parties special by choosing a theme that we enjoyed. Spiderman... Ninja Turtles... Batman... you name it. Many of the parties were spent at home, but sometimes she would book them at places such as Fun Times or Chuck E Cheese. I truly appreciate the memories of having celebrated each birthday with style.


Christmas time

I used to like snow when I was little, mainly because I didn't drive a car until I was 17 years old. Around Christmas time, my mom would take us to different parks around the area to go sledding. Even though it was cold outside, it was heart-warming on the inside to have a mother who just wanted her kids to have a good time enjoying life.

Christmas morning was such a treat as we would wake up to stockings sitting either in our beds next to us or on the table next to the bed. Then, to walk out and see all the presents under the tree and the tree lit up was such a magical feeling I'll never forget. My parents both made this day special for myself and my brothers.



Mmm... And mmm again. My mom was and still is a great cook. My favorite food she makes is called Rice and Beans, a Puerto Rican dish she learned how to make from my grandma on my dad's side. My mom would not only cook dinner, but also she would bake incredible desserts, much like Patricia C. on Coil ;)

And, it wasn't just the food itself that was good, it was the time we spent together with family that made it special. Dinner time especially was a treat because we would all sit around the table as we laughed and enjoyed each other's company. Also, just a tip for all you kids out there... eat the food that mom makes because she is not going to make a separate meal just for you!


So, in other words... mom, I cherish our time together. You always took the best care of me, and you still do. I'm so thankful for my mom and the memories she created with me. My mom is thoughtful and spent time thinking of ways she could help improve our lives in any little way she could. I can always look back on the above memories and hundreds more from my childhood and smile big both on my face and in my heart.

I love you, mom.

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