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Trezor Model T Unboxing

“The safe place for your coins”

I got lucky.

During the month of April, Changelly, a popular digital asset exchange, was holding a week-long giveaway for users who placed one or more trades on their platform. Prior to the giveaway, Changelly partnered with various cryptocurrency companies to offer prizes to lucky participants on each day of the giveaway. I happened to see this during the last day of the giveaway when they were giving away free Trezor Model T hardware wallets.

After placing the trade, exchanging Litecoin for XRP, I then filled out a short Google form to let Changelly know to look for my specific transaction code. About 4 days later, I received an email stating that I had won a free Trezor Model T and was given a coupon code to redeem on the official Trezor website. I went ahead and ordered the device which then arrived about a week later. Not too shabby for international shipping.

I have been wanting an additional hardware wallet for a while now to store my crypto holdings. As you can see from the photo above, the Trezor Model T supports a variety of coins such as BTC, LTC, and ETH. It supports XRP as well, but currently uses a web interface that is in beta testing. What's neat is that it sports a touch screen to unlock the device and confirm transactions, making it quite user-friendly.

I was really impressed by the packaging the Trezor Model T came in. You can tell that the company took time planning out the type of experience they wanted each customer to have. If you have ever opened up a new iPhone, you received a premium experience as they methodically planned out the specific size and dimensions of the box so that the bottom slowly slides out from the top. The device itself comes with a security sticker to prevent unwarranted tampering.

After opening up the black box on the inside, I discovered the USB cable along with a couple surprises unique to the Trezor. The item to the left of the cable is a magnet that can be stuck to any surface desired, holding your device in place. Next up, a variety of stickers, some rectangle-shaped and some square-shaped. I chose to place one of the rectangle stickers on my laptop, directly underneath the keyboard.

Then it came time to plug the device into my laptop. All I had to do was go to their Start page and follow the instructions. Setup was extremely simple and did not require prior blockchain or crypto knowledge. Newcomers to the space will have no problems setting up and using the Trezor Model T. I did some testing and sent a small amount of bitcoin to the BTC account. I even connected my device to the ShapeShift platform and had no issues whatsoever.


I give the Trezor Model T an 9 out of 10. I am impressed with the packaging, the quality feel of the product, the extra accessories, and the cryptocurrency security features. I would have liked to see full native support for XRP, as well as a downloadable app similar to Ledger Live. In addition, the tamper-proof tape left sticky residue on the device that was tough to remove. Overall, I am glad to own the product and would be happy recommending one to friends and family.

Closing Remarks

Even if I didn't win the Changelly giveaway, I still would have ended up purchasing a Trezor. You can't beat the peace of mind that comes with keeping your private keys offline and safe from possible hackers. Hope you enjoyed the unboxing and were inspired to look into a Trezor device for your cryptocurrency storage needs. Coil subscribers can view some additional photos of the Trezor Model T setup process. ✦

About the author:

Ken Melendez is a blockchain freelance writer and avid cryptocurrency blogger. He runs a website called Proof of Legacy, providing writing services to blockchain companies and individuals across the globe.

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