Thoughts, musings, ramblings, and rants


Hi, I'm Kevin. I'm a technology enthusiast based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I tend to specialize in Linux and cloud systems, though I've also done some interesting things with networking, VoIP, programming, and even Active Directory.

I used to run Linux on my desktop and laptop systems, but I converted to macOS about 10 years ago. I found that it combined a compelling graphical desktop with all the UNIX under pinnings I need. Shortly afterward, I realized how I could get apps that worked more or less seamlessly across my MacBook and iPhone, and I've been using Apple hardware ever since. (I do run Linux – specifically Fedora – on all my home lab hardware, though.)

Apart from tinkering with technology, I also enjoy being outdoors. Depending on the day, that could mean hiking, walking my dog, riding one of my motorcycles, or riding in my Jeep (on or off road, preferably with the top and doors off). I'm also somewhat obsessed with coffee and have fairly recently started making my own cold brew.