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Back to Linux

So I realized I never actually followed back up with my experiment. I gave it a pretty solid college try and did a lot of stuff with WSL and VMs but it just never felt right, always felt that big brother was watching which in the grand scheme of things isn't wrong but why would they care. But the direction Microsoft was taking with windows to start was eeeehhhh, then Windows 11 came out. Gave that a shot too and realized it wasn't where I was wanting to follow. I might try living on a Mac for a while because Arm FTW and I got one through a back to school raffle thing and my PC laptop is getting questionable after getting beat around enough, but that will be probably until I get the cash together to get a framework laptop.

In the end my laptop and mobile machine really is just a dumb terminal to write, browse the web, chat, and connect to my much more powerful desktop, so in the end while its critical what it runs is less so as long as I can get VIM, VSCode, SSH, and a decent terminal editor on it.