Opinion: Other iOS App Stores and Payments

The battle lines in the iOS App Store and Payments controversy are often drawn between some developers but not all, upset by Apple's fees and restrictions, and the tech giant itself. But what about the users, the silent majority in the Apple ecosystem? Their voices missing from the conversation.

Here's a different perspective: a user's point of view on the App Store and its walled garden.

Sebastian de With, on Threads:

This is apparently incomprehensible to some people on this website, but to many people it’s actually a good and beneficial feature that Apple doesn’t let you install software on your iPhone from anywhere else.

Greg Morris

I, as a user, have absolutely no desire to install another App Store on my device, nor buy my apps from anywhere else. It is a terrible experience on desktop to need several stores to just play a few games, and will only make things worse.

Sebastian de With and Greg Morris, both quoted above, highlight an important point: for many users, the App Store's curated experience is a feature. The convenience of a single platform, the guarantee of security and quality control, and the ease of managing subscriptions are all valuable aspects that outweigh the potential benefits of alternative app stores. The prospect of navigating multiple stores, vetting apps for security risks, and dealing with fragmented user experiences is a deterrent for many myself included.

While I don't take issue with alternative payment systems outside the App Store, I would never use one. The ease of managing my subscriptions and seeking refunds, coupled with a sense of trust in Apple's handling of sensitive information, makes it my choice.

Here's a gem from my 56 years of business experience: for those grumbling developers, here's a groundbreaking idea — choice! Just as in the business world, where dissatisfaction leads to seeking alternatives, developers have the power to choose whether to continue developing for iOS or explore other platforms. It's Apple's playground and they get to set the rules! So stop fucking bellyaching.

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