I was once diagnosed with post natal anxiety. I thought it was the end – no exaggeration. But I am here now to tell my story and how indeed things turned around

Preparing for baby number 2

I have been away for a while. I guess with summer and traveling I get pretty busy, and by the time the day ends and my daughter sleeps, I have zero energy left to write or do anything for that matter.

I am 33 weeks pregnant today. I'm feeling all the feelings. Excitement for sure. Anxiety as well of course. Also extreme fatigue as this time around I can't just stay in bed until due date and rest, but I have a girl to tend to everyday. Which is a good thing I guess, one form of exercise!

Husband is traveling a lot until due date, so a lot on my plate, physically and mentally.

As due date approaches, I'm trying to be as ready as possible to make this birth and post birth as smooth as I possibly can. As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I have severe anxiety especially post natal, so I'm trying to setup as much support as possible this time to minimize any potential issues later. I know I can't control everything, but at least the things I can, I'm trying to take care of now. So in this post, I'll be sharing all the steps I'm currently taking to hopefully help later on.

This is everything I've worked on so far. I know it's a huge list. But again, knowing what I know about myself now, I needed to be prepared this time. I needed to feel like I've done everything I could possibly do to be best prepared for the birth of our baby. I pray with all my heart that the experience this time is different for all of us. And that it gives me the closure I need to move on.. finally.

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