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Fitter, Happier, More productive, more productive, more productive...

The reference pyramid spins, focuses on the pot. The lid has been removed and the pyramid is aware.

Words are slopped in. The pyramid spins up today's metric, broadcasting the red digits to the content floor as diffuse as they are misshapen, flowing over and around the pot.

The creators groan as they make out the number. Nearly twice as large as yesterday.

Stir and mash. Pulverize. More. More. Eventually the word count is reached.

The pyramid hangs in place, momentarily calculating. A new flash fires in front of the creators. More groans.

The originality index is too low. The current language model could reproduce 90% of the content.

Juan swears, but migrant idioms haven't been unique since the first days of the content revolution.

The creators all brainstorm, eventually settling on, “Like a horse tail meringue, she dissolved into the 454 circuitry.”

They laugh. It doesn't mean anything. At least not yet. Juan and his bunkmates had been throwing it around before bed the last week, just in case.

Language evolves, and local perturbations become global maxima. The pyramids make sure of that.

In a way Juan is grateful to be working on one of the remaining legacy English nodes. It was his third language, but he enjoys the flexibility. He couldn't imagine working at one of the conlang hubs. Pyramids evolving an implementation for human use, only to justify the creation of the language in the first place. He knew he couldn't keep up.

The pyramid accelerates, and the slight breeze it generates is a welcome cool. Their phrase has been accepted, deemed content.

Juan sits through the mandatory three hour viewing while he eats and preps for bed. He tries out the new Mandarin phrase that is trending, unable to comprehend the new written form, but grateful it won't really affect him in his speaking node.

He falls asleep, meaningless but novel sentences coalescing as he does. He dreams of home. The traditions from his childhood locked away, safe so far from the pyramids. They will never know, and this comforts Juan, even in his dreams.