A diary about the other side of moving abroad

B(oston) strong

Nobody will care about your story. You can have dreams, you can have a good character and a good heart. You can be the sweetest peach on the tree, but some people just don’t like peaches. A lot of people are projecting their wishes and their fears on you. That is why people suddenly block you or ignore you in the dining hall. In the first week of university, I already knew that some people won’t talk to me anymore at the end of the semester. I just didn’t know who. In every society you emerge, there will be people who won’t get along with you. As long as you have a character, there will be people which dislike you. Especially when you just emerge into a society for a short time, people are not able to get to know you and judge very fast. Instead of building a profound opinion about you, they will judge you by your age, your level of English proficiency, your outlook or simply one text message. You need to know that. Don’t let this behavior discourage you or lower your opinion about yourself. 

Take rejection as a compliment. I have to admit that I always want everyone to like me. It is hard for me to understand why some people seem to hate me. But over the years I realized that I can also take rejection as a compliment. In the sense of a strong respond to your character. You built your character and stand for your values. You are not a blank space of paper everyone wants to write their opinions and stories on. Your paper is already full of your story and some people simply don’t like that. But it is the story you are writing. 

Stay kind and positive, don’t hate back, but exude calmness. Most of the people need a cool down phase to realize that they have lost a diamond in their life. And quite some people who once kicked you out of their life are coming back to you. But then it is up to you to let them back in.

Draw your self-worth from the people who are standing on the side of your path for a long time already and cheer for you. There are people which think of you more than you can imagine. There are people which see you as the shining diamond you are.

Work on yourself and focus on your story. Take the support of your loved ones as wind in your sails and write a story in which you exceed your expectations. Then everyone wants to break in the light that the diamond you cut yourself out from fans out into a variegated spectrum of colors. Take the rejection as an inspiration too. Most of the people in the world don’t think or talk about you as often as you imagine.

Nobody will care about your story, 


until you win.