A diary about the other side of moving abroad

On his way home, Pierre regularly passed a library. It was a small branch of the municipal library. It had only recently been renovated. Pierre had fond memories of this institution. He had been a regular here in his childhood and had devoured piles of books over the summer. He wistfully remembered the time when he had still been passionate about anything. He hadn't been to the library for a long time. He hadn't had a book in his hand for a long time either. A mixture of longing and nostalgia drove him to the entrance of the library.
When he entered the newly renovated entrance hall, he hardly recognized the facilities. The new interior was a mixture of brushed steel, concrete and glass. Disoriented, he made his way to the newly introduced information deck. He rang the bell at the information desk as it was vacant.
A young lady emerged from the room behind the desk. Seeing her suddenly jolted Pierre out of his lethargy. It is said that the first three seconds decide whether someone is perceived as attractive or not. In Pierre's case, it only took a fraction. Her curly hair fell gently on her shoulder and her lively eyes radiated a warmth and joie de vivre that stirred Pierre's insides. He didn't hear her question about how she could help him, which she underlined with a gentle smile, as he had to focus on breathing rhythmically. When he had somewhat pulled himself together, his voice trembled and he could hardly speak, although his mind was clear. He wondered about his physical reaction. It almost seemed as if his own body was being taken away from him by their traction. His goal, which had not been clear to him in the beginning, now shifted entirely to her. He hadn't had a feeling like this for a very long time and knew that if he wanted to carry on this interaction in any way, this moment was his only chance. It was one of those doors that would open suddenly, demanding spontaneous commitment in order not to miss the opportunity. Pierre thought for a moment about what he should say so that their conversation wouldn't come to an abrupt end at the information desk. He looked her straight in the eye, inhaled imperceptibly and slowly turned his inner joy into an equally gentle smile.