A diary about the other side of moving abroad

There are different phases while moving abroad. The first is the honeymoon phase. Where everything seems to be perfect, you are making a ton of new friends, everything is new and exciting. The second phase is the realization phase. It mirrors the heights of the honeymoon phase like a sinus curve. That’s the phase I am in right now. Trust me, this phase comes every time. No matter how often you stayed aboard, this phase gets you. The third phase is the normalization phase. Where your life is stabilized again.

Yesterday’s Aphorism was written out of a strong urge to vent my overwhelming emotions. I haven’t shared this with anyone, but I feel like I want to take the reader of this onto my journey through this. I don’t know what form this will have or if anyone will ever read this, or if I stop tomorrow, but I want to continue this. As a part of my journey as an alien in America.

Today was embossed by many feelings. Mostly positive ones. I realized a lifelong dream of mine and spent time with a friend. I took my fate into my hands and had a good day. Sometimes unexpected things happen. A person I met on day one reached out to me, apologizing for being so dismissive the last couple of weeks. We talked about how we feel, and it was very honest. It turned out, that we share the same feeling of being unconnected with the new country. I feel less alone. Often, when you reveal your personal hardships, someone in your close circle will reach out to you, who is going through something similar.

I Realized two things today:

Expanding and widening your horizon enlarges the surface which is touching the alien. The wider your sphere, the bigger the surface. The more you expend into the unknown.

The second thing is that everybody is going through something you don’t see. You might be more similar, than you think, united in pain.

(Originally created on October 8th 2023)