Compiling GSS-NTLMSSP For Alpine Linux

I recently found myself working on a project which required the GSS-NTLMSSP library. The application is going to be delivered via Kubernetes, so I needed to build a Docker image with this library. The project's build instructions are pretty clear about what the dependencies are, but given that this was going to be a Docker image, I wanted to use Alpine Linux as the base image in order to keep the image size as small as possible. The problem with this is that Alpine is just different enough to require different dependencies, publish their packages under different names, etc.

I started off by just doing things manually where I fired up a local Docker container running the base Docker image and then manually installing each package via apk add {package_name} to make troubleshooting easier. Once I had all of the packages from the aforementioned build documentation, I ran ./configure, looked at the errors, figured out which package was missing, installed it, and tried again. After several iterations of this process, ./configure executed successfully and it was time to attempt running make.

make ran for a minute but then would error out with:

undefined reference to 'libintl_dgettext'

This seemed odd to me because while running ./configure I had received an error that msgfmt couldn't be found, and I had installed gettext-dev in order to accommodate that. After some additional packages searches, I discovered the musl-libintl library is also available. I attempted to install that but received an error that it was attempting to modify a file controlled by the gettext-dev package. I uninstalled that via apk del gettext-dev and then ran into another error that—duh—msgfmt was now missing again. I handled that by just installing the vanilla gettext package, not the -dev version, and then finally everything compiled successfully.

The following is the full list of packages that I needed in order to get the build to succeed:

Note that git is included just to clone the repo, and build-base is the meta package I used for compiling C software since just installing something like gcc will not include everything needed.