Learning C#

I'm potentially going to be working on a side project at work which would have me using C#... which I'm not particularly familiar with outside of any similarities it lent to PowerShell, which I use frequently. I did some tutorials on C# about a decade ago of which I remember absolutely nothing. As a result, I've been looking for some tutorials or guides that I can use to get up to speed at least a little bit. Maybe I'm terrible at searching, but C# tutorials are... not good.

Microsoft offers a ton of material, but it all seems to mostly assume that you either:

  1. Are completely new to programming.
  2. Are already experienced with C# and just need to know either advanced topics or what's new in the language.

I really need something that shows me the syntax, how code is organized, etc. Then I can start working on some personal projects and familiarizing myself with more of the specifics from there. This gist is very helpful, especially because I do a lot of work in Python right now. However, I don't think it quite had the depth I wanted.

I'm going to try reading Microsoft's slightly longer Tour of C# and see if that provides enough to get me started.