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DuckDuckGo, Customer of Surveillance Capitalism

“When you dance with the Devil, the Devil doesn’t change. The Devil changes you.” — old blues saying

DuckDuckGo is the search engine I have used for years now. It is also the browser I use on my iPhone and iPad, so I was very happy at the recent announcement that there is now a browser for Mac, and I added myself to the waiting list, excited at the prospect of getting rid of Frfx.

Yesterday, DuckDuckGo posted on Twttr: “Great to hear from folks trying DuckDuckGo for Mac! For access, join the waitlist in the latest version of our mobile app (in Settings). We're moving swiftly through the waitlist, but if you can't wait, the first 25 ppl asking in the comments will get one!”

On Twttr.

DuckDuckGo, a company whose identity is based on its opposition to surveillance capitalism, broadcasts on Twttr, the very essence of surveillance capitalism.

No similar offer was made on the Fediverse, where a bot reposted the Twttr post.

DuckDuckGo also has a Fcbk account.

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