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GHA Announces Wyndford Demolitions to Go Ahead

daishin and greum maol stevenson in zen monk robes in wyndford with  trees, tower bocks and cloudy sky in backgrounddaishin and greum maol stevenson in Wyndford. Photo: Chris Leslie

Today The Guardian has a photoessay by Chris Leslie about the demolition of the Wyndford high flats, with quotes from tenants including daishin and me.

Yesterday, tenants received an announcement from Glasgow Housing Association that the demolitions have been approved by their board. As Locality Housing Director Linzi “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” Heggie admitted prior to the “consultation” that the flats would be demolished no matter what residents wanted, GHA’s mailout only confirms that they have decided to go ahead and do what they had already admitted they had decided to go ahead and do.

circular from Glasgow Housing Association announcing the demolition of the high flats as Bright Future for Wyndford

Note that the 85% of tenants who voted for the demolition refers to all the tenants of the Wyndford, not just the high flats. People were allowed to vote to get rid of their neighbours. Homeowners were also allowed to vote, but the circular makes no reference to them. I have emailed Ms Heggie to ask if they are included in the 85% cited.

Note also that 87% of tenants of the high flats voted for the demolition. This is curious, considering that many people who live in these flats do not answer the door unless they are expecting someone, and that some did not fill out the voting form, for reasons including not being fluent enough in English to understand it (some do not even know about the planned demolition). In my email to Ms Heggie, I asked how many of the more than 600 households in the high flats voted.

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