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How I Will Vote Tomorrow, and Why

brick wall with END LONDON RULE written on it in maryhill, glasgow

At tomorrow’s elections, it is important to number all the candidates in your order of preference, not just the ones you support. This article in The National explains why.

I live in Maryhill, where Alba, mercifully, does not have a candidate, so I will not have to hold my nose and vote for them as my third preference behind the SNP and the Greens. The reason I would do so is simple: it is essential to give the top votes to parties that support Scottish independence, which is why my second preference is the Greens. I respect both of the Labour candidates, but Labour is now a centre-right party, and, even if it were still a socialist party, it would make no sense to vote for it, because a vote for a unionist party is a vote to be governed by England. I have heard it argued that at the local council level we should vote for the best candidates, regardless of their party, but the reality is that any support for Labour, the Lib Dems or the Tories is an act of self-harm. For as long as we are part of the UK, Scotland will continue to get whatever England chooses.

If you are left wing and want your vote to matter, your top vote must be for the SNP and the Green Party, in whatever order you prefer. If you are conservative and want your vote to matter, Alba should be your first choice.

So, tomorrow I will vote, in order of preference:

  1. Abdul Bostani, SNP

  2. Franny Scally, SNP

  3. Amy Irene Marquez, Green

  4. Keiran O’Neill, Labour

  5. Gwen Fall, Labour

  6. Derek Dunnington, Liberal Democrat

  7. Heather MacLeod, Conservative

  8. Damian Clark, Freedom Alliance-Integrity, Society, Economy

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