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Who Is the Glasgow Zen Graffiti Writer?

graffiti on a wall, the word ZEN in shades of red, orange and yellow

Last November, I wrote about a graffiti artist whose tag seems to be the word ZEN. Since then, I have seen the tag all over Glasgow, and the style varies enough that I thought it must be done by different members of a crew…

graffiti, the word ZEN written on a post with bare trees and sky in the background

But word is that it is all done by one person. I have seen a video of them painting a wall in England, but they surely must now be based in Glasgow, considering the ubiquity of the tag. If the artist reads this and would like to get in touch, and perhaps do an interview, or just keep me informed about new tags, I promise to protect their identity.

Photos by daishin

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City Cave Zen Sangha

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