This is my personal blog where I share thoughts, ideas and inspiration. Sales Excellence – Coaching – NLP


I started my career as a quota carrying sales rep, then moved into sales engineering and now specialise in helping sales leaders and teams improve sales productivity and win more deals.

My academic background is in experimental physics and I also hold an MBA from Warwick Business School.

I have lived in 4 countries (Italy, Germany, Ireland and the UK) and speak English, German and Italian fluently.

My areas of research and interest include:

I believe that how you sell is more important than what you sell!

My expertise includes:

► Develop a sales enablement strategy that improves sales communication and productivity.

► Create a competitive advantage through customised sales methodology workshops, training and tailored sales tools that help to maximise revenue, increase average deal size and improve close rates.

► Develop and deliver sales excellence coaching programmes for frontline sales managers with the goal to elevate sales team mid-performers while also retaining top talent.

► Design and deliver sales new hire onboarding for sales reps, business development reps, account managers and technical sales engineers that minimises ramp-up time while increasing employee satisfaction and reducing costly staff turnover.

► Develop training courses, playbooks, battle cards, sales tools and product marketing materials that improve sales, customer satisfaction, technical sales support and partner engagement.

I am a Certified Command of the Message Facilitator, Force Management as well as a Certified DISC Practitioner.