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Gatwick Airport Security

I travel a fair bit and get to see and experience different airports. What I find amazing is how different the security checks are handled.

It's pretty fast to get through security in London Gatwick, for example, even at extremely busy periods. It's not fast in Berlin. It took me 50 minutes recently to get through security at the airport in Berlin. My guess is that Gatwick could handle twice the amount of passengers with an average waiting time of only 15-20 minutes.

How does Gatwick do that?

They improved a typical bottleneck.

Gatwick Airport optimised the security process by reducing a long-term bottleneck: getting hand luggage onto the belt quickly by having large enough spaces for multiple people getting access to trays and the belt simultaneously!

In contrast, there are many airports, e.g. Berlin, that are not operating that way. Instead, there is a huge bottleneck due to only one person loading a tray onto the belt at one time. This causes long queues which move very slowly. This bottleneck is baked into the system and no amount of additional staff can eliminate it.

Supermarkets have also switched to multiple self-checkouts because of this reason.

Kudos to London Gatwick and also Stansted, that have done a great job in improving the security process!

If you work in Sales Management map and review your entire sales process and look out for any bottlenecks!