Creative Work and Procrastination

We tend to think that in order to do creative work, deep work, to achieve something great and meaningful, we need to set aside a few hours of focus time, get into a special environment – like a smooth jazz cafe, and only THEN we can engage in the divine act of creating.

Obsession with “getting in the zone” and “achieving the state of flow” can easily lead to procrastination. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the flow state. It's an amazing feeling of being fully absorbed by the task at hand. The key point here – it is not a prerequisite for doing creative work.

I'm writing this in between making coffee, chatting with my wife and tidying up my desk. A couple of sentences here, a few minutes of editing there.

You can argue that this post is not perfect. And I agree.

But done is better than perfect.

Shipped work is the only work that counts.