Whom do I want to help?

Whom do I want to help? If I reframe “selling” as helping – then there's no anxiety, because I'm making the recipient better. The purpose of my craft, practice should be making the recipients better. Whom do I want to help to become better? What problems do they face – big and small?

Who's that person that I'm sincerely willing to help? At least one concrete person? Could it be me 10 years ago?

Apart from myself was there a person in my past that I wanted to help?
Maybe I just don't care enough about people in general? That's why I can't quickly come up with somebody I want to help. And that's why I perceive selling as a “fraudulent act” – because I don't care about the person on the other end.

But is it really true? Is it true that I didn't care at all about everyone who
attended my classes, everyone whom I coached, every person I've ever worked with?

Everything starts with a person. I must choose a person for whom I'll be willing to make an effort. Whos problems I'd want to solve. Whos existence I would like to improve. Whom I'd honestly wish to get better?