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Clown therapy

I spent this weekend doing a course about clown therapy: how to do it and how this could help me be a better physician later on (spoiler alert: I am a med student). How you could have guessed from my last blog, it’s been a tough moment for me lately and how one of our coordinators has said “this course comes to you in the best moments”, and for me it really did. It was the first time in months where I felt good.

The weekend was so interesting, we talked about empathy and sympathy and how there was a difference between them, we talked about ethics and so much more subjects. From that, I felt like I grew as a person in just 48 hours. It’s impressive how in just few hours I have the impression of having changed and became better because of the subjects that were brought up, but moreover because of the discussions that emerged from those subjects and the opinions of 26 other people. I realized the real importance of sharing from this experience, it gives you a different prospective and helps you get to an improved view of a certain subject way quicker, it’s truly fascinating.

But moreover, what i truly loved about this weekend is that we created a group, where, for the first time of my life, I felt like I belonged and there was no judgement; we were all at the same level and we were all moving together. It was just mind blowing. I had forgotten, or I am not even sure I ever knew, that this kind of spaces existed. Which says a lot about the world we live in.

We live in a world where competition and exclusion feeling are so present that we are impressed and chocked when we see compassion, kindness and inclusion. People are so focused on being the best, that to fulfill this desire, they focus on the character traits that are obviously “powerful” to the world, like intelligence, strength or beauty and lack to nourish the ones that may not lead you to this feeling of power like the ones stated above. But this weekend we saw how being empathic, gentle and humble makes you be a way better person in every way. There is wisdom and a bravery in being able to see the world from someone else’s prospective, taking actions with respect for other’s boundaries, interacting with others without comparing yourself to them and creating so a competition, and facing your own limits; this doesn’t make you in any way weaker, it just adds to your character. We have to fight this stereotype that feelings are weakness, they are so powerful and they make us who we are, we should learn to accept them better also to learn how to deal with them better.

This experience also made me think a lot and I still have to answer a lot of questions that were brought up by it, this is just a rant of my first feelings and reflection about it, can’t wait to go on with this project and learn more about the world and myself.

Hope you are gonna find this interesting,

Lots of love,

Maybe I don’t have a soul