Journaling about life and mental health for whoever wants to relate or talk


I think happiness is what everyone search for, but most people don't know or haven't tried to understand what would make them happy. I think that basing ourself on the feeling of happiness to be able to say that we are happy is too unrealistic because feelings come and go, and we can live a happy life but still have bad days. So what would be my happiness? I think that I will be able to say that I am happy when my mind will be at peace, which I think will happen the day I will come to an understanding complete enough of my mental health which would allow me to be able to live most of my days living in the moment and being able to control my mind from getting stuck in the past or stressing about the future. I think that more than being able to full-fill my goals, like being a doctor or hopefully finding love one day, that is what I want: finding my peace of mind. Because I know that I am very stubborn, therefore I will attain my goals one way or another, and I am independent enough to find joy in not having a lover too, but I know that no matter how hard I try, until I don't find my peace of mind, I can't fully enjoy my achievements and I will always look for something more, hoping it will give me a sense of worth. Nothing will ever be enough to give me this feeling though, I have to first work on finding it independently of my achievement and then aliment it by full-filling all of my dreams. I am now choosing to see happiness as a goal, because I am going to work really hard to get it and once I will have it, I will work to keep it. I am going to get to my happiness, to my peace of mind and no one will be able to stop me, people can only slow me down.

Think about what is the one thing that you need to be happy, and start working to get it, you will get there too I know it.

Lots of love,

Maybe I don't have a soul