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I made a thing: Twtxt

Experimenting with Twtxt, a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service...

I stumbled upon Twtxt the other night, and thought it would be nice to give it a spin.
I could add it to my Pi (I will most likely put an instance in there at some point), but then I realised it would fit well with the other little tech experiments I am hosting on, so I thought I could install it there (it is, after all, a shared machine and not a “traditional” web hosting service).

The welcome message of when you open the terminal says:

There is NO GUILT here. NOR SHAME. Not knowing things is fine. Not finishing them is fine too. Be a disaster! Make a disaster!

As I am quite shy and conscious that my knowledge of technology is not on par with that of most users (I am not a programmer), up until now I was sticking to making minimal changes: put up my home page, learn how to use gopher, play with some of the awesome scripts other users have made available.

Today, however, as I fight with the tiredness of insomnia, I decided to be daring and attempt to make something simple, or make a disaster out of it.

Lo and behold! There was no disaster. I successfully installed Twtxt and used it to tweet some stuff.
I even managed to make the page look prettier and add a header with an intro.

I will write more on detail about the reasons why I love this type of tech, as there is so much to say about decentralisation, FLOSS, and this new way of exploring the internet that, in a way, feels like going back to the past.

#tildeclub #twtxt #microblogging

~ Melyanna