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Day one on earth

Maybe you know of love at first sight but you don’t know of love at last sight. The love that begins at day last and ends at day one. It’s always day one in love. This is not a love you’ve seen. This is a love that despite the highs and lows always begins at day one, like it’s always day one on earth, making love Alzheimer’s impossible. How can you forget love if it’s the one that every minute starts…at first sight. 

What makes love cold with time is life. Life comes in the way and makes us fall out love, but love is everywhere. It’s omnipresent. But it’s also not there. We remember it in our heart break and in the songs and memories and rain. We remember it as bitter sweet but not as chocolate and peanut butter. We remember it through the radio and our own voice but never as imminent: until we realize that it’s infinite not finite. That it never started to even finish, it’s always been there but we didn’t see it. 

This is my love words to her. Where-ever she might be. I just wish that one day she would read them. Because it’s always been day one with her. She was Mother Earth and everything, the love I’ve always had, the one I never had.  Love, this is for you. 

Her name was silhouette like sunset. On the day we met, she was swinging her white dress flying and her golden hairs touching the sky. I wished I could say it was love at first sight, life at first sight? She didn’t see me but I saw her in me like the magic hour. Who is ever to be believe that we go on a rollercoaster together and travel the world. Who’d ever imagine that our hearts will remain on fire forever even after we’d part ways?