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Time is of the Essence

The sky is sad today.

Did we feel the warmth of goodbye yet?

I bet, life is worth it.

Time’s spent.

We get sick: pretend.

We make a life: income.

I said: life is worth living.

Extravagant memories and a cafe at night.

Eyes by the ocean and loud music.

But we want to have a conversation, 

And stop pretending.

We want to look at the sky and see it happily.

The war stops us and the news.

We’re rebels swimming against the stream.

We refuse to die. 

High: what’s fate and what’s destiny?

Low: What’s the soul and the spirit?

The airplane awaits us and the crowded airport.

The sky is not sad today,

It's a sunny day.

We will tan by the beach and soak in the sun.

There’s a life worth living.

It's by the ocean side, closer and closer to the perfect dream.

Darkness turns into day.

Music picks up again.

We speed on the highway and turn back time:

Time is of the essence. 

We will live now.