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Author of Where Things Went

🌠 To Stars and Dazzle! 💫



Said no one in particular. The magician man waved his white-tipped wand spewing sparkler sparkles out the tip. Each one weaved to and fro descending and ascending into spirals that illuminated the rest of the esteemed gentleman. His head was eaten by his top-hat, but he peeked through two eye-holes precisely poked for such a purpose. Stark black exterior and a white interior highlighted his red tie that procedurally shrunk into a bow-tie then re-extended back into a proper neck-tie over and over.

Mirrored onlookers rocked like a babe in a cradle hypnotized by the stars that danced freely from the end of the wand. Suddenly, the sparks froze, jittering in place as the magician slyly slid his dress-shoes together bringing himself to his full tremendous height. His wand-hand placed on the top of his top-hat and the other hand wagged a white-gloved finger slowly in small concentric circles, carefully increasing in speed.

As he did so, the frozen sparks’ jittering became more pronounced, clearly an up and down up and down up and down. Now these sparks specked from heaven to hell blinking blindingly fast. The whole ceiling became a starry sky of dubious origin shifting in tandem with the energetic sparks. The finger twirled faster and faster, the stars and sky spun, and the crowd of onlooking nobodies continued their devout fascination.

Then, a single stamp of the tap-dancing clickity clack dress shoes caused all another faux-pause. The sparks jiggered from place to nearly same place, glitched scratches gnawed at these sparks, the night sky above, the surrounding stars, and the crescent moon. A windy torrent strode up from the ankle socks of our wizard sweeping up around the magic man in a tight spiral.

He pulled the wand that laid atop his head upright in a strict motion, pointing directly at this bewildering sky. The white tip of his tricky wand emitted a light bright as the sun, but as small as a needle-head. It floated from this high precipice even higher. Up higher still it went even unto the frozen sky itself.

A silent explosion washed over all that was, bathing the silent nobodies, magician, and stars alike in the suns preeminent brilliance. The noonday sun bore its exceptional brightness, setting all that was troubled aright. An otherwise invisible grandfather clock struck twelve, cooing it’s stalwart chime.

Party’s over, time for lunch.