Micro thoughts and mini posts.

Had a great time hanging out in the Remark.as chat room today! Thanks to @tmo@write.as for making the suggestion and getting us all together.

This was also a chance to test out the custom-built chat room, and we definitely ran into a few problems with connectivity. We all managed to work around it, but I’d like to get us something much more stable.

Also, this little chat hour had us wondering why these sort of chat / real-time interactions aren’t more available elsewhere on the web. So I’m working on getting an IRC server up and running for now. That should make it easy for people to access on desktop and mobile, if they’re comfortable with IRC, and I’ll add a web interface on Remark.as to make it easy for everyone else.

I’m choosing IRC because of its relative simplicity / fit for our use case, and the wide range of clients available. I think the only major downside is if people want to connect from multiple devices. If anyone has any thoughts, please feel free to share!

Thoughts? Discuss...