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Haven't talked much about this here, but I've been more seriously doing photography over the last couple months. I picked up my old film cameras, and started going to some photowalks around Brooklyn in the spring — mostly ones put on by different camera stores and film labs.

I met some very cool people at the first few walks, and we started coordinating and going to more of them together. At each one, a topic kept coming up: it'd be great to have a more consistent group, instead of relying on different stores to put on events for us.

So a few weeks ago, I finally decided to organize one. I made an Instagram chat group and invited all the people I'd talked to about it. Then they invited their friends, too. We decided to meet in lower Manhattan for our first walk, and one friend, Oscar, made a poster to share around social media.

We expected around 10 people to show up — but yesterday, 20 people (and one dog!) did. We took a nice winding path to Tompkins Square Park and ended the walk with beers. It was a good time and a great group of people.

At the end, we moved the chat group off of Instagram, where we quickly hit the member limit, and created a dedicated account (@nycphotostroll) to feature everyone’s work. We’ll do the next walk two weekends from now, and try to keep up that bi-weekly rhythm.

Group photo of the humans and dog that did the walk

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