Micro thoughts and mini posts.

Took a trip to Virginia for the holiday weekend. It was nice to get out of the city; it was good for resetting my mind, and I came back home feeling a little more on top of things, mentally.

There are always a million things on my mind at once, and a million things to do. But one of my favorites is of an evolution of WriteFreely — a hyper-local, sort of R&D project to make the software more friendly for the people I know in person; that would be more suited to everyday users, less generically appealing, and made for “feelings.” Whatever I learn would make it back into the main project.

Another thought is inspired by Twitter's continuing unraveling, and recent censorship of Substack and competing platforms like Mastodon — I'd like to open up free accounts on Write.as again.

Just thoughts for now.

Thoughts? Discuss...