I write about how marketing strategy, business storytelling and data insight can empower business stakeholders in today's hyper-connected world.


Hi, I’m Charles.

Curiosity in the Crossroads of Marketing & Data
Just as every story needs a listener, every product craves an audience. My fascination lies in the dance between them – where data meets persuasion, where storytelling intersects with strategy. It's here, in this dynamic interplay, that magic happens.

I’ve always been intrigued by the transformative power of stories, how they not only reflect our reality but also shape it. My journey has been one of diving deep into these narratives, extracting insights, challenging the status quo, and seeking truths that can transform the way we do business.

Let me take you through the streets of my professional realm.

A Turn in the Road
In a previous life, you’d find me sealing deals at a car dealership, clocking in those 12-hour shifts. But, as life's road curved with the impending arrival of my first child, I felt the call for change. That’s when the shimmering waves of Google AdWords and affiliate marketing beckoned. The thrill was in knowing the audience, crafting tales that resonated, and witnessing the power of effective messaging.

My ventures shifted from affiliate marketing's confines to the boundless realm of consultancy. Running an agency offered a holistic perspective, an overview of the entire customer journey. But why stop there? The allure of working on diverse campaigns in a grander agency setup combined the best of both worlds. The result? A dive into data analytics, business strategy, and the creation of my marketing flywheel.

Culture: The Heartbeat of Every Strategy
A pivotal realization along my voyage has been that while marketing narratives are crucial, the heartbeat behind them—the organizational culture—is the life force. To put it simply: a business's story is its marketing strategy, but its lifeblood is its culture.

And here, in the intersections of culture, strategy, and storytelling, is where I found my calling. Nurturing a space where each member is attuned to strategy, persuasion, and analytics. Where the objective isn't just success, but growth that’s sustainable, innovative, and deeply impactful.

Beyond the Blog
I curate and publish MindMetrics Digest – a fusion of marketing, analytics, and strategic insights, all wrapped in the captivating garb of storytelling. I explore the nuances of blending data with narrative, the challenges of modern marketing, and the future of digital storytelling. I challenge to dive deep, challenge assumptions, and together let's redefine marketing, one story at a time.