This talk is about the GO GO GOLEMS ecosystem, which consists of:
glazed, a library that helps application expose their rich internal data as well as make their functionality composable
parka and flour, libraries that turn glazed applications into APIs and event-driven services
sqleton, geppetto, escuse-me and many others, concrete applications built on top glazed, parka and flour
– many more utilities that were quickly iterated on...

The entire ecosystem is built around a few key concepts:
– data should be exposed
– computation should be composed
– software should be deployed

While the talk will focus on some of the technical aspects of the GO GO GOLEMS software, the main topic of the talk is how to design software with a vision and more specifically how to leverage large language models to write better software.

I will cover:
– how I design, brainstorm, iterate and refine my vision and design
– how learning, note-taking, writing and drawing shapes my software
– why large language models are a powerful tool for building small software
– how hard thinking, ruthless abstraction and writing lots of mediocre code go hand in hand
– why we should build tools to make computers compute, so that they rightfully become tools for everybody and not just the few
– why software is art, science, engineering, magic and craftsmanship combined