Writing on different platforms

I find I write differently depending on the publishing context I have in mind. I collect blogging platforms as I collect hobbies.

I write in my obsidian vault, which is really just meant for me despite my marking many posts as public. It is research-oriented and there is zero focus on quality.

I write posts on social media. Previously Twitter, now Mastodon, also Slack. These are semi-edited rambles, but individual atomic thoughts fit well into the character constraints of the medium. This is my favorite way to actually sketch out arguments and refine what I want to say.

I write on dev.to, where I have a clear picture of my audience. My writing is focused on technology, career and programming and is meant to be useful to the reader directly.

I write on scapegoat.dev, which is where I write deeper thoughts and explore more personal topics. These articles take a lot of mental effort to publish. I am trying to write more freely and not feel that precious, but I realized that quite a few people do seem to enjoy these articles and it's not just my living room.

I'm not trying out write.as, because I want something in between. Something where I can just throw 5 posts a day without really revising, but also something where great articles can emerge. I do want to keep scapegoat.dev reasonably legible.